The Convent

The building has undergone a long and passionate process of restoration that was successfully concluded in 2008, bringing back to life the marks of its longtime past along with the mystic vibes of an historic mansion.

Convento San Bartolomeo will open the doors to welcome its very special guests in a traditional, simple yet perfectly refined place.

A family dimension

To find out more about the historic roots of the building, we must take a look at the story of the family. This is the birthplace of a renowned surgeon, Vittorino Ricci Barbini, to which he returned to nurture a dream and preserve it on to his heirs: to restore the ancient splendors of the family’s original residence, inherited from the 1808 Napoleonic Edict.

The family story has been passed down through the generations and so has the responsibility of treasuring this rare medieval gem, slightly restored in the Renaissance that has been both a family mansion and an intimate alcove, a place for the spirit.

Convento San Bartolomeo is ready to start with a new chapter in its story, written by all the guests that, sharing the smallest piece of their hearts, will be revived in an authentic place, while experiencing the atmosphere of ancient times.

Discover Tuscany under a new perspective

Elegance, simplicity and attention for detail are the distinctive features our guests will immediately note entering Convento San Bartolomeo. Enjoy the silence from the ancient walls, feel restored strolling through the monks’orchard, or simply admire the stunning view of Val di Paglia and Crete Senesi that gently touches Mount Amiata, surrounding the Convent with its flourishing vegetation.

Convento San Bartolomeo is the place to look for an authentic life experience. Close to the traditional wine and food Tuscan routes and to the most celebrated thermal spas, the Convent yet benefits from a secluded position, in an area of Tuscany yet to be explored.

The building

Throughout the centuries, the original plan of the building complex has always been maintained. A cloister running through the old colonnade, with an ancient well located at the center, leads through a double access to the original orchard and to the Belvedere, overlooking the Val di Paglia and the Fortress of Ghino di Tacco. Inside, large halls with frescoed wall surround the medieval cloister.
The building has 15 rooms of various types: prestigious suites, deluxe bedrooms, original monk’s rooms and separated guest-rooms overlooking the historic garden.

The restoration was completed taking great care to respect the development of the building throughout the ages. The Belvedere has been landscaped in accordance with strictly naturalistic criteria.